"Lights in the Darkness - Conversations on Creating to Heal"


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--Sunday December 9th: Healing Through Children's Music:
Katherine Dines, Joanie Calem, Valerie Leonhart Smalkin, Vivi Melody

--Monday December 10th: Healing Through Music:
Dennis Sy, Fran Carbonaro, Texastilly Sue Ireland, Anne Leighton, Vincent James, Greggory Hammond

--Tuesday December 11th: Healing Through Music, Art, Film and Dance:
Mark Romero, Shashika Mooruth, Guzin Kurun, Irma Velasquez, Sylvia Brallier, Michelle Jericho Poppler
--Wednesday December 12th: Healing Through Writing, Helping Others:
Tony J Selimi, Deborah Denham Johnson, Megan R. Fenyoe, Emily Ann Peterson

--Thursday December 13th: Healing While Living With Cancer/DM:
Chris Hennessy, Tom Willner, Cindy Alexander, Erin Mae Lewis, Noah Dundas, Shawna Westly Nielsen

--Friday December 14th: Healing While Living With DM/Chronic Illness:
Teresa Marks, Angela/Maddie Dean, Sue Carpenter, Suzanne E. Edison, Monica Michelle, Sharon Fendrich

--Saturday December 15th: Healing While Living With Chronic Illness/From Attacks on the Body:
Allie Cashel, Erica Lupinacci, Ariela Paulsen, Corrina Thurston, Brandur Karlsson, Valerie Giglio, Brian Bourgault, Essence Goldman
--Sunday December 16th: Healing While Living With Depression/After Sexual Abuse:
Angel Joy, Joel Knopf, Jody Quine, Asha Lightbearer, Brianna Jordan


Lights in the Darkness-Conversations on Creating to Heal
Producer: Lisa Sniderman/Aoede
Video Editing: Mike Kerhin
Animation: Ryan Pfeifer

“This activity was supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Arts and Disability Center at the University of California Los Angeles. Any findings, opinions, or conclusions contained herein are not necessarily those of the California Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Arts and Disability Center."



Aoede Live Webcast 1-5 PM (PST), Dec 16th, 2018

The Art of Healing...

The Art of Healing (September 21, 2018) is a portrait video that highlights key moments of my journey as a determined artist living with a chronic illness and finding strength and purpose creating arts and music to heal myself and inspire others. Part one paints a picture of my life as me, Lisa Sniderman, and as my artist persona Aoede, the Muse of Song in Greek mythology, battling a rare progressive muscle weakness disease-dermatomyositis. Part two shows how as Aoede, I started creating full-length fantasy musicals melding mythology, magic and music, to counter the darkness I was experiencing and living with daily. I discovered music and art are my lifelines, and I cannot stop creating! Creating, recording and sharing my fantasy musicals helped me express and to heal myself and others.

A Light in the Darkness Book Trailer

This is the book trailer for my first book chronicling 10 years battling and making peace with chronic illness (dermatomyositis) while creating to heal. My memoir offers confessions and life lessons, hope, strength, compassion, support and inspiration-a light in the darkness-especially to those who are struggling with chronic illness, disability or unexpected life events. AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 21st, Myositis Awareness Day. Photo Credit: Steven Gregory Photography. Thanks to Crimson Cloak Publishing. Song: Aoede-Perfect Day from Skeletons of the Muse 2012 available on iTunes with proceeds to Cure JM Foundation.

Interview with Award-Winning Artist Lisa Sniderman/Aoede

Interview with award-winning artist, playwright, author Lisa Sniderman also known as Aoede on the onset of her chronic illness; inspiration, for and description of lights in the darkness community and collaboration; creative roles; Sniderman's new memoir: "A Light in the Darkness: Transcending Chronic Illness through the Power of Art and Attitude," and planned December online video showcase and live/streaming performance with more than 50 artists also creating to heal.

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