This Book is for You if:

  • √   You seek strength
       You seek navigation and a roadmap
    √   You seek assistance and encouragement
       You seek new inspiration
       You seek hope, possibility, and reasons not to give up
       You have experienced an illness, disability or unexpected life event
       You have dreams you desperately want to keep alive
       You seek joy and healing from creativity
       You want to thrive while living with a chronic illness or disability

A Heartfelt, Inspirational True Story About

Perseverance & Triumph

The questions I never stop asking are “How do I keep my dreams alive? What am I capable of? What can I continue to do? And if I can’t, what else might I be able to do so I can keep pursuing my dreams?”

Being a Light

I’m discovering that the most important way I can continue to be a light is to offer my story so that you are inspired to bring to light and share your story.

Following Your Dreams

I keep my dreams alive by first believing in them absolutely and without question, and then I dare myself to fulfill them, even if I don’t know how I’ll do it. I throw my passion, blood, sweat, tears, and heart into them relentlessly and get lost in their magic until they’re realized.

Lisa Sniderman

Inspiring Author and Award-Winning Artist

Living with a chronic illness for 15 years, Sniderman, also known as Aoede, creates, records, and shares her original musicals, art, music, and stories to express, foster healing, elevate, empower and advocate for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities to improve their mental health and wellness, grieve and thrive. 

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