Sunday December 9th: Healing Through Children’s Music

Katherine Dines from Denver, Colorado

Katherine Dines from Denver, Colorado, is an award-winning songwriter, recording and teaching artist for families who has performed throughout the globe. Hers is a story of how music helped heal her niece, brought smiles to hospitalized children and peace to a wounded soldier. See:

Joanie Calem from Columbus, Ohio

Joanie Calem from Columbus, Ohio, is a singer/songwriter, educator, disability awareness advocate, mother of a young adult with high functioning autism, and trainer for teachers and parents of young people with autism. Hers is a story of figuring out a way forward even when it is a path no one else has walked. See:

Valerie Smalkin from Cockeysville, Maryland

Valerie Smalkin from Cockeysville, Maryland, is a musician/composer/ entertainer who uses music, puppets, and comedy to express emotions and create moments of community joy. Hers is a story of emotional survival through music. See:

Vivi (Vee Vee) Melody from Katy, Texas

Vivi (Vee Vee) Melody from Katy, Texas, is an award-winning singer-songwriter for kids and families. Hers is a story of determination, strength and balance.