Sunday December 16th: Healing While Living With Depression/After Sexual Abuse

Angel Joy from Louisville Kentucky

Angel Joy from Louisville Kentucky, is a teenage poet. Her story is how her writing has given her insight into her depression and chronic anxiety. See: Instagram:

Joel Knopf from Oakland, California

Joel Knopf from Oakland, California, is a writer, playwright and musician. His is a story of how persistence and adaptability helped him transform darkness into a creative tool. See:

Jody Quine from Vancouver, Canada

Jody Quine from Vancouver, Canada, is a recording artist and entertainer. Hers is a story of discovery and inspiration, and using her music to overcome life’s greatest challenges. See: Go On:

Asha Lightbearer from Atlanta, Georgia

Asha Lightbearer from Atlanta, Georgia, is a singer-songwriter and energy healer. Her story is one of recovering from childhood sexual abuse and launching The Fiona Project, a music and arts movement for child sexual abuse prevention and healing. See:

Brianna Jordan from Denton, Texas

Brianna Jordan from Denton, Texas, is a dance major at University of North Texas, actress and producer. Her story is a journey of healing and helping others to heal after sexual abuse. See: