Saturday December 15th: Healing While Living With Chronic Illness/From Attacks on the Body

Allie Cashel from New York, New York

Allie Cashel from New York, New York, is author of Suffering the Silence: Chronic Lyme disease in an Age of Denial, and President & Co-Founder of Suffering the Silence community, a nonprofit that leverages art, media, and storytelling to raise awareness and break the stigma surrounding experiences of chronic illness and disability. Her story is recognizing the power of sharing her own illness story and encouraging others to do the same. See:

Erica Lupinacci from Los Angeles, CA

Erica Lupinacci from Los Angeles, CA, is co-founder of Suffering the Silence, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about chronic illness and disability, and also actor and producer. Hers is a story of living with lupus and learning to push through fear to find confidence and strength. See:

Ariela Paulsen from Burlington, Vermont

Ariela Paulsen from Burlington, Vermont, a teacher at YouthBuild, an organization for students around the world whose needs have not been met in public school systems, and an artist living with multiple chronic illnesses. Her story is one of life-long struggle, dawning discovery and self-acceptance. See:

Corrina Thurston from Barre, Vermont

Corrina Thurston from Barre, Vermont, is a wildlife artist specializing in detailed, vibrant colored pencil drawings of animals and author of two art business books. Hers is an inspirational story of perseverance, how she adapted to her circumstances and learned to work with her health limitations instead of against them. See:

Brandur Karlsson from Reykjavik, Iceland

Brandur Karlsson from Reykjavik, Iceland, is a mouthpainter, entrepreneur and runs an innovation hub focused on health and welfare. His is a story of trials and perseverance, having mysteriously lost strength that led to paralysis. See:

Valerie Giglio from Boston, Massachusetts

Valerie Giglio from Boston, Massachusetts, is a singer, author, attorney and stroke survivor. Her story is overcoming tremendous adversity and great obstacles to relearn to sing and to reclaim her voice-a story of hope and faith that will leave you inspired. See:

Brian Bourgault from Denver, Colorado

Brian Bourgault from Denver, Colorado, is a composer, producer and vocalist. His story is how he has persevered through a progressive neurological disease and discovered the powerful healing force of making music without the ability to play an instrument. See:

Essence Goldman from San Francisco, California

Essence Goldman from San Francisco, California, an award-winning singer-songwriter, and children’s multi-media artist. Her story is how her music was a lifeline to her survival during dark days, and eventually led her to healing and reclaiming her power and strength. See: