Monday December 10th: Healing Through Music

Dennis Sy from New Jersey

Dennis Sy from New Jersey, is a celebrated Grammy Award-winning composer, singer-songwriter, and performer for more than 25 years, having played at beloved places such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Carnegie Hall. His is a story of perseverance and triumph. See:

Fran Carbonaro from Sebastopol, California

Fran Carbonaro from Sebastopol, California, is a vocal coach, poet and songwriter. Hers is a story of excavating the depths of her traumatic past through spoken word and song, culminating in the release of her new album, “I’m Still Alive.” See:

Texas Tilly Sue Ireland from Austin, Texas

Texas Tilly Sue Ireland from Austin, Texas, is a singer-songwriter. Her story is overcoming, surviving, and thriving despite life’s circumstances, sharing her stories through songs to help others find strength inside. See:

Anne Leighton from The Bronx, New York

Anne Leighton from The Bronx, New York, is a songwriter, poet, and music services specialist. Hers is a Cinderella story of a very creative and practical show biz woman, and the price of helping others rise. See:

Vincent James from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vincent James from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is founder of Keep Music Alive, and author of “88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life,” along with his wife Joann. His is a story of never giving up on a dream and the importance of moving forward after finding true passion. See:

Gregg Hammond from Washington, DC

Gregg Hammond from Washington, DC, is a musician, author, philanthropist, and peace activist, creator of The Gregg Hammond Guitar Method for Adults, founder of The Global Jam 4 Peace, and Director for Make Music Day Washington DC. His story is how music and art has helped him overcome his diverse challenges, paving the path to become the leader he is today. See: