Book Release, Book Launch Online

21 September 12:00 pm - 21 September 6:00 pm

Additional Information

-A live Facebook video reading some book passages;
-Sharing stories, book inspiration, reviews and testimonials;
-Premiering new Art of Healing portrait video that is a companion piece to the Book;
-Screen tour of the New A Light in the Darkness book website;
-Sharing spark for “Lights in the Darkness-Creating to Heal” (collaboration with more than 50 artists, musicians and authors using creativity to heal)
-Myositis Awareness
AND More!

Myositis Awareness Day: SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

"Myositis" refers to a condition causing chronic, progressive inflammation of the muscles. Some types of myositis such as Dermatomyositis are associated with skin rashes. This rare disease can be difficult to diagnose, and the cause is sometimes unknown. Primary symptoms may include muscle weakness, muscle pain and soreness, fatigue, trouble swallowing, and difficulty breathing. Myositis causes include infection, injury, autoimmune conditions, in which the body attacks its own tissues, and drug side effects. I chose this day to release my memoir because dermatomyositis is the disease that I have been battling for 10 years.